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Just a little update – on me and my pony – we couldn’t be happier! After the work you’ve done with us it’s like we think the same and have this amazing connection. We’ve come on leaps and bounds including loading into a trailer and going to do cross country and not a foot out of place! Faye’s gentle nature and approach guided me gently into understanding what my horse was experiencing. She explained everything she was doing, why she was doing it and how my horse was reacting and how I can better communicate with my horse. Her report was incredibly thorough and helpful. Since Faye’s sessions we have developed this amazing bond and it’s given both of us the confidence in each other.

- C. Brayley, Devon

Big thank you again for helping me so much with my dog Skylar. The final connection you made possible was fabulous. Love her sweet soul.

- Helen B., Devon

Taz is my lovely horse (well to me he certainly is lovely and much more!) To the best of my knowledge I have always had a fantastic relationship with him. However, when I heard about Faye from a friend and some of her fantastic work, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see if I could understand how Taz sees his life and how he interacts with me...Well some of the things that Faye picked up about Taz were pretty remarkable. From the way I presented his apples to him; the fact that he related to his summer sheet which is the first one he has ever had; what he thinks of The Equine Touch; my riding! The outcome for me is that I am confident that Taz is happy, relaxed and in tune with me and most aspects of his life - from which I can gain great satisfaction. Plus I have few pointers also to look out for!

- Cathy, distance consult


How Can Animal Communication Help Me And My Animal(s)?

Animal communication gives us the opportunity to have a greater understanding of our animals, whatever species they are, and improve our relationships with them.

Sometimes people feel that their animal is trying to tell them something but they just can't work out what it is. Sometimes people ask for help because they feel they have exhausted all options, or they have started to feel anxious about being with their animals and may feel they are unable to cope with certain behaviours.

The more I work with animals and their owners, it is becoming increasingly common for animals to want to help owners - by choosing specific remedies to help owners with specific issues - including helping owners through emotional times and trauma. Animals are incredible at facilitating these powerfully healing moments. After all...they often know their owners better than anyone!

Faye will aim to help the animal and/or human with whatever issues are revealed and she has a variety of techniques/therapies that combine incredibly well. She will also refer you to specialists or veterinary/medical practitioners when necessary.

Animal Communication can often help with:

  • Understanding emotional and behavioural issues of our animals and helping owners and their animals work through them.
  • Locating physical problems, which can then be explored by vets and health specialists. Communication can sometimes shed light on the causes of health problems.
  • Improving relationships between owners and their animals, developing their understanding of each other.
  • Preparing for the end of life of an animal and dealing with bereavement after the death of a pet. This could be helping an owner or another animal that has been affected by the death of an animal.

  • In order to become a practitioner, Faye had to achieve a minimum 90% accuracy level in exams with a vet, an animal behaviourist, an animal welfare specialist and an animal trainer.

    Animals are communicating with humans and other animals all the time. People often think the only ways animals can communicate are by vocal, animal sounds or body language. There is, however, another communication method used by animals that is powerful and that we can understand - it can be described as the sharing of feelings and emotions and this is the area Faye specialises in.

    What Can I Expect From An Animal Communication Consultation?

    Animal Communication works extremely well alongside the other therapies I offer and is often used in combination. If an animal tells us about an issue, then I would hope to be able to provide them with some help and support. Structural, emotional, behavioural and/or physical issues may be appropriate to be supported with essential oils, self selection and/or red light therapy. Please contact me to discuss your particular case as a bespoke session and price can be arranged. These are the options available:
  • An in-person animal communication consultation - a home visit tailored to you and your animal's needs. Please contact me for a price to include fuel costs.
  • A distance animal communication consultation. For clients who live out of the area (or out of the country!) connecting to your animal via photo can enable you to have a personal consultation. For this, I need a photo of your animal on their own (unless the reason for communication relates to a connection with another person or animal) and preferably with the animal looking at the camera. An owner can give a list of questions they would like to ask their animal. Results can be discussed over the telephone or via an internet call.

    £40 for a dog/cat/small animal distance consultation.
    £50 for an equine communication distance consultation.

    Please note that my specialism is working with feelings and emotions with animals and therefore, unfortunately, I am currently not able to help with finding lost animals through communication. There are other animal communication practitioners who do specialise in this area.

  • These animal therapies do not diagnose or treat and are not a substitute for veterinary care.