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My amazing pony friend Babe would not be alive today if it wasn’t for Faye and her incredible ability to heal. Babe was in a downward spiral of foot abscessing and laminitis. Unfortunately, the standard vet and farrier treatments were not helping, and it seemed that euthanasia would be the only option left. This is when Faye changed everything! She rehabilitated Babe using natural and innovative treatments, and she achieved what most thought impossible - healing Babe of her abscess/laminitis cycle and so much more. Babe is now living a very content and peaceful life, and has been abscess and laminitis free since the end of 2016. I can never thank Faye enough for how she has helped us.

- N. Clough, Oxford

Oasis, our 14 year old Tennessee Walker mare, was in a repeating cycle of laminitis /founder for 2 ½ months. She was under the care of our vet as soon as the laminitis developed and remained under his care. We followed all suggestions from the vet. Unfortunately nothing stopped the cycle and the vet had nothing more to offer. Euthanasia became a very real possibility as she remained in pain. Our vet said he had never seen such a difficult case of founder. A colleague suggested to me to contact Faye. I did, and that decision saved Oasis’ life. Faye explained her approach and guided me through the process to help Oasis. Faye helped me choose the best strategies of care for Oasis and helped me to easily source needed herbs and essential oils that are available in Canada. We emailed and Zoomed regularly. Oasis steadily improved. Faye was realistically positive and supportive. She gave us options no one else seemed to know nor understand. She was very willing to take on the challenge of care at a distance. Oasis is happy and content now, cantering in the field with her buddies and free from the cycle she was in. Faye continues to stay in touch as Oasis is finishing off her rehab. We highly recommend Faye for her extensive knowledge, expertise and compassion.

- L. Clough, British Colombia, Canada

My pony is so much better so thank you for all your help! I'm very happy to report we now have a fully functioning pony again!

- R. M., Devon


Laminitis Rehabilitation Know How

It can be a really worrying time if your equine is suffering from, or is prone to suffering from laminitis. Particularly so if your equine does not respond well to, or suffers side effects from drugs and conventional methods. Sadly laminitis is all too common these days.

Laminitis is a broad subject, there can be different causes and related issues and there is no "cure" - every case is different. Sometimes our equines just don't fit text book examples.

Iridology can provide clues about where imbalance might lie - by holistically understanding our equine(s) - their strengths and weakness, how they need supporting and getting the correct specific nutrition...for laminitics it can then be possible to use targeted nutrition to optimise health.

Our own laminitis susceptible equines used to be kept off the grass for long periods of time in the summer with the aim of preventing laminitis, or were kept in starvation type paddocks - but this changed thanks to the wonderful knowledge imparted to us...Once we learnt how we could holistically understand each pony - their strengths and weakness, how they needed supporting and getting the correct specific nutrition for each animal it changed everything.

The results were more than I ever expected we would achieve. The low grade laminitic ponies who used to be kept off grass for long periods of time in the summer are now back grazing on the same routine as our non-laminitic ponies and are symptom free. As long as we follow our management/nutritional plan we have no laminitis - this is not "curing" their laminitis - if the plan was not implemented and strictly followed they would be back to before. It is about achieving balance through nutritional, management and environmental plans. Combined with our knowledge of having already achieved self maintaining hooves, it has helped us to concentrate on rehabbing more complex cases, and with Faye's qualification in Holistic Equine Iridology she is able to combine this knowledge and experience to help equine owners.

Some horses who have had prolonged/serious/progressive illness may never reach the 100% health they once had...but being better informed about providing the right support can help us to give our four legged friends the best quality of life we can.

Ultimately doing the best we can to prevent laminitis, and acting in the early stages is the best thing we can do to help our equines.

Please note: Only a veterinarian can diagnose laminitis and prescribe treatments or drugs. Our therapies do not diagnose or treat and are not a substitute for veterinary care.

How we can Help

Through home visits:

  • We can help you with your aim to get your horse or pony back on track - by providing guidance and a bespoke plan with the most beneficial nutritional products, management techniques, environmental support and other products or therapies to aid recovery.
  • We can help owners aiming to achieve laminitis prevention through bespoke support for your individual horse, pony or donkey.
  • In my experience, iridology has been such a crucial tool to keeping our ponies healthy. My first ever experience of iridology assessments and recommendations allowed us to get our health management plans right for each pony. Following the recommendations closely and providing the right nutritional support and addressing deficiencies and weaknesses...the results were more than I ever expected we would achieve.


    Notes To Consider...

    When looking for advice, it is very common to hear that owners ask a selection of friends for advice and then choose a selection of new things to try based on something that each individual has said. We know you love your friends and don't want to let them or your equine down...but your plan can't work if you are mixing lots of different random elements!

    Once you have your Understanding Animals plan it is very important that you stick within your guidelines and ask for support when you need it. We can help you to get your horse or pony back on track by providing guidance and a bespoke plan with the most beneficial nutritional and environmental support to aid recovery...but you as an owner need to stick to this and action it and let us know if you have any questions or worries. We also expect you to seek veterinary help/advice/treatment if/when your equine needs it.

    What Can I Expect From A Consultation?

    An average home visit consultation will last 2 to 3 hours. I will also ask you to fill out a pre-consult form before your visit to help me prepare for your consult.

    Where distance prevents the possibility of a home visit, it may be possible for me to conduct a consultation with an owner over the phone. This may also include iridology if you can provide high resolution photographs of your equine's eye (with as little reflection as possible) which are emailed to me in advance. Results would be discussed via a telephone or internet call.

    During your home/yard visit, I will explain to you as much as I can about what your equine’s consultation has revealed and recommendations will be made. If you have chosen iridology, further information about your horse may be revealed once your photographs are analysed on the computer. You will receive a detailed written report detailing recommendations of any management improvements, nutritional advice and products, herbs, essential oils or other products or therapies which may be beneficial for your horse. This report will be emailed to you within a week of your home visit.



  • Distance Consult (via telephone or internet call): From £40

  • Distance Consult with iridology (via telephone or internet call): £80 - high resolution photos of your equine's eyes will need to be sent to me in advance and will need to be as reflection free as possible)

  • Home Visit Equine with Iridology consult: £120 + fuel

  • Home Visit Equine with Iridology consult and self selection or red light therapy: £150 + fuel

  • Home Visit Equine (Follow Up, or for advice only (no iridology)): £75 + fuel


    These animal therapies do not diagnose or treat and are not a substitute for veterinary care.