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Herbs And Essential Oils


Natural remedies can be selected by animals to support their nutritional, physical, structural, emotional and behavioural needs. Natural remedies include herbs, essential oils, clays and minerals - many of which are not available in today's modern diets and environments but would have been available our animal's/s' natural habitats.


We work with the best quality products and by offering your animal a wide selection of products it assists owners in knowing which specific products may suit your animal's/s' needs best. The aim is to offer your animal plant extracts which they may need to nutritionally maintain health and wellbeing. This process does not diagnose and is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. Any health concerns should be discussed with your vet.

Emotional And Behavioural Support

Essential oils in particular can be incredibly beneficial for providing animals with emotional support.

Animals can have traumatic experiences in their lives. They can experience strong emotions - which their owners may see through certain behaviours e.g fear, withdrawal, not wanting to be caught etc. Animals, especially rescued ones, can have experienced abuse in their lives or even had difficult experiences being weaned (separated from their mother). My experience with wild and traumatised ponies (who have often endured multiple mutilations intentionally inflicted by humans) has shown me that horses, and indeed other animals, can experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in much the same way that people do.

Bereavement - experiencing the loss of a friend/other animal/owner/family member can also be a difficult experience for some animals. It is possible to help support them and help them to recover from these traumas/experiences and difficult times.

Sometimes animals find owners who have their own traumas too and it's possible for them to share in the positive experience of using oils to help emotionally support them and start to release this trauma in a very supported way together.

Combining knowledge of behaviour, the feeling of emotions and selecting of remedies can be a very positive step to recovery for the animal...and empowering for owners who may have felt previously they had no way to help/support their animal.

What Can I Expect From A Self Selection Consultation?

Selection of herbs, essential oils and other products works extremely well alongside the other therapies I offer and is often used in combination. If an animal, or equine iridology consultation, tells us about an issue, then I would hope to be able to provide them with some help and support. Structural, emotional, behavioural and/or physical issues may be appropriate to be supported with essential oils, self selection and/or red light therapy...animal communication may give us more insight into the issues being investigated. Please contact me to discuss your particular case as a bespoke session and price can be arranged. These are the options available:
  • An in-person self selection consultation price will vary based on the type/size of animal - a home visit tailored to you and your animal's needs. Prices start from £45 for a small animal. Please contact me for a price to include fuel and product and/or combined therapy costs.

  • These animal therapies do not diagnose or treat and are not a substitute for veterinary care.